The show is now 365 day a year

Healthy Choices Wellness Trade Show is gonline 365 days of the year.

Healthy Choices Showcase 365

Now you can promote your business 365 days of the year and be supported by the other businesses who understand the power of social media and engaging content. It is supported by a new platform called that takes care of getting your business up front and noticed.

We created a directory in Klusster for our past Spring Show and in three weeks received over 11,000 views and shares on Twitter, FaceBook, and LinkedIn

There are two ways to get involved.

  1. Directory listing
  2. Premium Member with full benefits to update content, videos, audio and photos.

Here is the NEW HealthyChoices Showcase 365

For more information contact Lee Pryke 


By Lee Pryke, MsP.,E.S.C.P.

Healthy Choices Klusster Directory

I am pleased to be partnered with the next best social media platform, developed our first directory for the Healthy Choices Wellness Show 2016, and have now developed a full online magazine for our new Healthy Choices Showcase 365 .WEBSITE


By Lee Pryke, MsP.,E.S.C.P.