Thank you to everyone who participated in our Healthy Choices Showcase 2017. It was a great two days. Positive energy throughout the show and we look forward to serving our community in 2018. 

I meet many wonderful people at our events and sometimes something comes along that is simply too good to pass up. I met an exhibitor with a product that I tried, to see if it really could improve my balance and relieve pain while walking.

It worked so well that I have added this product to my healthy natural product line in my therapy business. While we are preparing for next years event I am going to use this platform to share what this is because I truly believe it can help so many people from athletes to ageing, healthy active people to less active or people with neurological concerns.

The company is VoxxLife and the products are HTP Socks and Insoles

Could it be as simple as putting on a pair of socks to feel and move better?

YES it is.

You can contact me for more information on my website or email me with any questions. WEBSITE






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