Have You Ever Considered Being Your Own Superhero?

download - Copy (2)Have You Ever Considered Being Your Own Superhero?

What is the best superhero story in the world? When you think of superheroes, what do you think of? Who do you think of? Do you think of the make believe, comic characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, or Superman, etc? Do you think of real life superheroes, like Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, or Oprah Winfrey? How about people close to you in your life experience, such as your mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, friend, or community member like a police officer, fire fighter, teacher, social worker, etc. From one mind to another, we can all connect and relate to the exciting universal theme.

Traditionally, we are taught that superheroes’ exists outside of our self. Often, we look outside of ourselves and believe that some superhero person is going to come and save our day when we are in need. But what if this person doesn’t show up and you need saving? What will you do? How will you be saved, or how will your situation be solved?

For starters, do you know that everyone has a superhero inside them waiting to be discovered? Yes, that’s right! You have the potential and personal power to wake up and release your Inner Superhero; to rise up and save your day.  Often, we find ourselves waiting in life. Waiting for that dream job, relationship, body, or joy for oneself. But what if this waiting, is us waiting for ourselves? Waiting for ourselves to be that superhero person we are searching for?

Erica shares her humble beginnings of abuse, addictions, trials and tribulations of abandonment that led her to the most profound moment of her life. Erica calls it “waking up her Inner Superhero”. After waking up her Inner Superhero, Not only did Erica find recovery, but her career catapulted fast. She found fast success as a Fitness Expert, leading her to be sought after across the country as an Author, Keynote Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator.

Erica Humphrey,  Award-Winning Fitness Expert, Keynote Speaker, Author of “I Am My Own Superhero”, Creator of “ I Am My Own Superhero Workshops”






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