See, Feel and BE the Heroine of your Stories … and Hers

Our Key Note Speaker Friday May 12, 7 p.m. at the Healthy Choices Show, Holiday Inn Cambridge 

cc1ka2nbxzgz28exicpxDanielle Joworksi
What stories do you tell yourself? Are they helping, or holding you back, from achieiving the dreams, life or results that you really desire? When you take a step back, how are your stories impacting our younger generation of girls, whether you realize it or not?
Our girls today need strong leaders, Heroines in some cases. Women who are visions of strength, confidence and courage on a day-to-day basis, and within arms reach. With social media, communication has brought us together in so many ways, but it has also separated us. The presence of short, micro bursts of motivation and inspiration are not enough to instill the true sense what empowerment is. A sense that our girls need today, and deserve, to help them disect between the stories that help them, or hold them back. Stories they see, hear and feel everyday, from the media and people around them, especially the women around them.
When you awaken the power of your Inner Heroine, your make a empowered choice to become more aware of the stories that you are telling yourself, and consequently, others. A new world of conscious perception, knowing, and self-actualization becomes available to you. A whole new level, and sense of leadership can be explored: learning how to lead yourself based on your values, beliefs and worth can begin to help you shape the stories you tell yourself.
Anchored by these three mindsets, you can become empowered to be the leader ~ Heroine ~ of your stories. By giving yourself permission to take action on achieving your dreams, you become a role model and mentor to our younger generation of girls as to what empowerment looks like, feels like, and is each and every day. No more micro-bursts of inspiration and motivation. Consistent empowerment through awakened leadership.
As you awaken the power of your Inner Heroine, you will discover the infinite potental of yourself and the generations of women around you that you are leading. As you become empowered to lead yourself towards achieving your dreams, you are teaching her, and empowering her, to do the same.
Danielle Joworski
Author | Speaker | Awakening Catalyst
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