Something New Something Great

I was introduced to a product at my wellness show that truly inspired me. I am always looking for natural products that help people feel better, more energised, better performance and less pain.

I also want it to be easy, natural and not in pill form or electrical. I found it. Everyone wears socks sometime in their life and now all you have to do is put on a pair of socks. These socks are created with HTP technology. They work with the Neurological receptors on the bottom of your feet to send messages to your brain to give you better balance, stability, energy, and in bringing your body into balance or homoeostasis, they reduce pain.

I was sceptical as you may be reading this so I tried them myself. My body has been through a lot over the past 67 years and most days getting up pain-free is not an option. Wearing the socks for three days I noticed no lower back pain, Immediately I felt stronger and my balance was so much better.

You have to know that I am a hippie at heart and wearing socks is not my favourite thing to do on the best of days. Because they work I now wear socks for the better part of the day or if it is a sunny day and I am in sandals I will wear them at night and sometimes even to bed! Now that is saying a lot! The nights I have worn them to bed I sleep better and getting up in the morning is so much easier.

I want to share them with the world and invite you to visit my website and contact me with any questions you may have about how they could help your wellbeing.






About Lee Pryke, MsP.,E.S.C.P.

Dubbed a 'boostofhappy' Lee brings the BEST out in everyone with fun, laughter and coming from a place of happy
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