Spring 2016 Wellness Show –

“I am in such deep gratitude for all you do to support us as a whole community as it really did vibrate the love and everyone seemed so very happy and excited to be there and share their gifts. I am for sure on for next year!! Thank you again for everything you are such a beautiful
shining star.” In light & love Pamela BG Diamonds & Artisans

I had a great time at the show, I enjoyed networking  with the people interested in my business as well as the other vendors, it was nice meeting you., thank you for promoting the show and myself and my business, I hope this is just the start of many great things in both of our futures. Thanks again
Korey Snider Hypnosis

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for putting on such a wonderful event!  I had so much fun visiting every single vendor and hearing about how they are all so passionate about how they are helping others. I really enjoyed myself and learned so much, and I needed the entire 2 days to explore the event. Thank you again, and have a wonderful week! Danielle Joworski WEBSITE

I can’t thank you enough for this experience. As you said below, I have also attended several trade shows and expos and I had never experience the camaraderie and energy I experienced at your show this weekend. For sure Networking at its best. I am a firm believer everything happens for a reason, and I am very thankful our paths have crossed because I know lots of great things are coming ahead from this.  You are a wonderful, caring, kind, sweet, intelligent, funny, awesome lady. (just to name a few attributes ) Thank you for been you and for thinking in others well-being, happiness and success. Yovana Russell KYNamics

Thank you for all your hard work with the show. It was a lot of fun and ran so smoothly. We are happy with the leads we have generated and would like to put our name in for the fall show. Let us know when we can apply.
Thank you! Marida and Guy

‘Thank you Lee for having me as a speaker in September 2013. We met some wonderful people and made great connections. We stayed the entire day talking to people.” Julie Daniluk,

“Lee is a great show organizer and her positive energy and passion for helping others shines through every aspect of the Healthy Choices Wellness Show.” Jan Beckon

“I have attended each show and every one brings new exhibitors and information. The speakers are the highlight giving information on all aspects of wellness. I will continue to go to the show every year and look forward to new things.” Tara Short

“As a repeat vendor, the show in Guelph on April 28th was very successful. The diversity of product and services was great for networking. That is what the shows are about. Let us know the dates of upcoming shows, we will be there.” Melody Johnson

“The March 25th show was the best so far. It is a pleasure working with Lee and her energy flows through the room bringing an exciting and positive day for everyone. Thank you, we will be back in your next shows.” Max

“Just a quick note to say thank you for the day on March 25th, 2012. Although a little bit of a rough around the edges start off, the energy that was within the building today was fantastic. Good job my friend. Also to let you know that Dianne and  I would recommend your shows to other vendors as well.” Blessings, Nancy Spiritual Intuitive

“Sunday was a wonderful day for myself and the other three girls that came for our It Works booth. I personally found a solution to my sons allergies from another practitioner.”

The day flew by for us, not enough time to mingle and learn more about the other vendors. Two of us from our booth split up and tried to get to each vendor, and two of us stayed back. We all had a wonderful day-we thank you and everyone that helped make it a great day for us to attend. It is events like yours that bring better health into our lives.” It Works Body Wraps Sincerely, and with lots of thanks

” You should be very pleased with the Show and Thank YOU! I’ve put together some medical shows myself and I understand the work involved. I thought it went very very well. Let me know when you plan for next Show as I would love to come back and redo.” Marissa, Recovery Patch Sensor Health Inc.

“Thank you so much for having us at the June and September show as we were able to  give the visitors an opportunity to experience the value of vibration on their aches and pains. One visitor bought a machine and reported immediate relief of his back pain.” Sue Nealy, T Zone Vibration Kitchener

“We thank you very much Lee for your donation of the two beautiful Red Oak Trees that will be planted on our new Lang’s Community Centre. They are indeed ‘Trees of Giving’ and we are happy to have a marking stone in honour of The Healthy Choices Wellness Show and Cambridge Garden Centre, under the trees.” Staff of Langs

“You are a blessing in our community Lee bringing together so many wonderful healers and practitioners at the Guelph Show this past November. We have such a great time and a lot of fun with the other vendors and guests.” Pamela, Angels Cradle

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